Curious solutions for headaches

Every second person over 15 is susceptible to headaches. While most of the time they are only temporary and brief but they can also persist for a long time and cause extreme discomfort for those suffering from. Here are five natural cures to end it.

1. Black tea and clove

You can make a robust black tea, and then add some cloves you crushed prior to. The caffeine can lower blood pressure and the cloves provide anti-inflammatory properties, which will allow headaches to be gone fast.

2. Teas made of fresh mint or peppermint

Create an infusion with either boiling or tea, and include freshly cut mint leaves. Inhale the steam that rises from it. You may make use of the towel.

3. Ginger infusion

In a glass, grate approximately 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger. Then, add boiling water. For 5 minutes, wait, then filter your drink , and then drink it. The natural antioxidant ginger is one and was used for centuries for headaches throughout Asia.

4. A foot bath with hot water

Take a bath for your feet in warm water. Relax for the time you want to. The blood from the head is transferred to your feet, which relieves pressure in the head. You may also include a bit of mustard in the water if discomfort is very severe.

5. Consume almonds

For a gourmet experience, consume 10 to 15 almonds. They are loaded with salicin, an anti-inflammatory that is found in aspirin.

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