Belly ache cures

What happens if we ditch the “high-tech” products with multiple chemical ingredients and return to the basics? In this age of technological advancement in cosmetics and advanced pharmacopoeias, grandmother’s best solutions for our stomach aches are usually easily accessible: in the back of the cupboards as well as in the natural world. For stomach pains, try home remedies!

The uplifting sermons of our grandmothers who advocated this technique to ease our stomach pains aren’t an issue of traditional discourse more than common knowledge! Our wise grandmothers have a clever approach to living. These clever ancestors have an abundance of simple and creative homemade techniques that are not to be missed. If you suffer from stomach pain They provide us with solutions that are natural.

Remedies for stomach pain

Allow your grandmother to spoil you and don’t forget to continue the tradition whenever she comes across something wonderful. This homemade cure? It’s often a miraculous cure! Therefore, we have put together for you the top of these natural and organic tips to delight your stomach.

Food, oil, and plant ideas to ease your stomach (or the stress that can affect your stomach). Aerophagia, digestive issues or bloated stomachs. Sometimes regardless of the medication you consume from Earth stomach pain will persist and can become painful! What advice do grandmothers have about this?

The cure for aerophagia from Grandma’s recipe

Basil to prevent the development of aerophagia, make fresh basil tea. Pour 12 freshly cut basil leaves in boiling water, and then allow it to sit for 10 minutes. For a sweet treat, add honey or sugar for the gourmands!

A small amount of baking soda in your food will prevent you from the bloating that can result from eating too fast or in a bad way.

Charcoal is an extremely old and effective treatment for gas and bloating issues. It is best taken in during meals.

A remedy to aid digestion

Oil from cod liver: A typical part of our grandmothers’ medicinal cabinets, cod liver oil taken at the end of every meal, helps in digestion.

Mint: End your meal with mint; there’s nothing better to aid digestion.

Cumin seeds: At the end of each meal, take a bite of cumin seeds to help improve the digestion.

Cider vinegaris not particularly useful, but very efficient. Place 1 tablespoon of vinegar from cider into the glass of water and drink.

Grandma’s tips for avoiding the bloating

Massage your stomach! Beginning at the navel, using your fingers, make a spiral and gradually expanding over your belly, with one hand, in a clockwise direction.

What about taking an infusion that has swollen? For this, you need to infuse 3-4 anise star with boiling water about 10 minutes. Drink this drink following each meal.

For pain relief from menstrual cramps

Lie down. Place an unheated water bottle on your abdomen that is sore for 20 minutes. ….. If there isn’t an insulated hot water bottle, you could use a hot, moist towel.

Natural remedies to ease stomach pains caused by stress

Our grandmothers have already anticipated this, and have a way of dealing with anxiety, stress, and this scourge of the past!

It’s the best anti-anxiolytic! Do not be scared to put the scent of lavender throughout your home and inhale them when you notice the first signs of anxiety.

Basil leaves that you can carry about. When you begin to feel tension Rub the leaves between your fingers and inhale deeply the scent they emit.

Regular hot baths to unwind your mind and body. Herbal teas made of chamomile, valerian, linden, or orange blossoms, the best allies for”the “zen attitude”.

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