7 Facts about Botox Treatment

Botox procedure is widely sought-after cosmetic procedure performed in a variety of nations around the globe. If you’re thinking about Botox injections, you might be interested in learning a few little-known details about it prior to making a decision.

Botox injections can last less than 15 minutes

With such a short treatment and no requirement for recovery It is now possible to squeeze Botox injections into the busy schedule. You can stop by while you commute to work, on your breaks for lunch, or as you wait for your children to complete their piano lessons. The possibilities for programming are limitless.

Men are increasingly injecting Botox

Botox was originally designed for women, however men are becoming more looking forward to the benefits of a smoother, more youthful face. From 2000 on, the amount of men who inject themselves has increased by 300%..

Many mention their ability to perform at work as a motivational factor to enhance their appearance. Some say that their spouse urged them to get themselves. Others say the results of their girlfriend or wife led them to pursue Botox treatment for themselves.

Botox is more old than you think.

Because of the popularity to Botox injectables the majority of people do not realize their primary ingredient has been in use for over 200 years. Doctor. Justinus Kerner is credited for discovering botulinum toxin during the 1820s. It is the primary ingredient that is what makes Botox effective as a muscle relaxant.

Botox is safe and efficient.

The fact that Botox is created by a bacterial toxin might initially be alarming. But, due to the lengthy history and the thorough research Botox has gone through and has been through, it is among the most secure cosmetic procedures that are available today. It has a successful rate of over 90% and is used to treat an array of medical and cosmetic ailments.

Cosmetic applications of Botox weren’t discovered until the 90s.

The initial uses of Botox included treating the condition known as strabismus (unbalanced muscle groups in the eyes) and diploopia (double vision) and muscles spasms. Botox’s ability to stop muscle contractions led to the realization that wrinkles of patients became less noticeable after treatment of their muscular issues. Botox quickly gained popularity as cosmetic treatment in the 1990s, and was approved by FDA in 2002.

Botox is long-lasting

The results of a single injection may last up to 4 years. Regularly visiting the dermatologist is the most effective way to keep your appearance youthful. It’s a good thing, Botox is a low-cost minimally-invasive procedure that is akin to an incision.

Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating.

For the millions of people suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Botox is the most effective treatment. A few injections every couple of months will calm sweat glands that are overactive and remove embarrassment from sweaty armpits.

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