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Who hasn’t experienced a day that was lost because of a headache or a skull that appears to be in danger of exploding under the effects of migraine? If you’re prone to migraines or headaches, Topsante.com helps you find solutions to help ease headaches.

1.) What are the headaches you suffer from?

Do you feel as if you’re gripping your head in the form of a vice? You might be suffering from tension headaches, or a headache which could be an indication of stress.

Menstrual headaches are due to a sudden decrease in blood hormones. If migraines are a problem for you frequently, triptans might be the answer.

Headaches: How to get rid of them fast

Switch off your cell phone Unplug your laptop and take 15 minutes of rest and breathing that will ease your stress.

Stones of cherry, finger yoga or cryotherapy are options to alleviate headaches without medications.

Headaches: When migraines occur in

The occurrence of migraines is not a necessity anymore: There are many methods to lessen the severity of migraines, according to professor Gilles Geraud, neurologist at the University Hospital of Toulouse, claims.

Botox to treat migraine

Within the United States, it is now possible to treat migraines with Botox injections. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has recently approved this kind of treatment.

Action against migraine

A migraine attack could last from 4 hours to three days. Below are some Chiropractic tips that you can do to ease your migraine while you wait for medication to kick in.

What can you do in case of migraine?

A branch that is part of Chinese medical practice, this aids to alleviate migraines by revitalizing the muscular and nervous systems. These are the three steps you can take to alleviate headaches.

What is the best way to manage an ophthalmic migraine?

Invading bright spots into the vision field or causing objects to change shape and causing Ophthalmic migraine are quite striking. Fortunately, the condition is easy to treat.

Relax your child’s headaches

My child often gets headaches. Much like the stomach head, the head is a typical organ for somatization for children. Minor inconveniences from daily life can lead to serious headaches. We offer advice to help eliminate it.

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