Some interesting and vital facts about the pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts for 9 months, it is recommended to avoid eating raw fish. Morning sickness is common during the initial couple of weeks. But what is it? Beyond diet advice and scientific information, here are 5 most surprising facts about pregnancy!

The size of your feet increases during pregnancy.

We’re talking about yours and NOT the infant’s! Every young mother has experienced this amazing moment when they decided to buy new shoes following the birth however, they discovered that the normal 38 was extremely tight. The reason is hormonal and is a result of the actions of oestrogen and relaxin that relax the ligaments of the feet. In addition, when you take into account the effects of gravity the foot won’t expand …. but it will become flat!

A twin pregnancy

These are rare However, it is feasible to have two infants that aren’t twins i.e. they are both born of identical fertilisation. The difference is typically only several days or weeks so each baby is an outcome of a unique sexual connection. This rare phenomenon even has been referred to as superfoetation.

The incredible flexibility of the uterus

During pregnancy your body mother-to be goes through a series of changes. Most noticeable is of course, the expanding in the abdomen. The uterus follows the growth of the baby’s height and change from the size of a plum, to one of ….sandia!

The story was featured in 2009, when Nadya Suleman is the American mom of 6 children children, had octuplets born after in vitro fertilization. Six boys, eight babies as well as two daughters, were healthy when they were born.

Unparalleled estrogen levels

In the course of pregnancy, hormonal changes can be significant. After the birth the woman is able to produce an enormous amount of oestrogen. It’s which is equivalent to the amount she produces normally over the course which is ….3 decades!

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