The home remedies to ease stress

When we speak of stress, we have to consider three main elements that are which are arranged in highly diverse combinations:

The stressor or its cause There is an emotional, physical emotional or social trigger to which one has to adjust. The trigger could be minor (ticket) or even significant (moving house) or either positive (marriage) as well as negative (conflict), extraordinary (surgery) or ongoing (overloaded schedule) or planned (exam) or unplanned (accident) and so on.

The home remedies to ease stress

It’s important to remember that stress may be physiological in nature, triggered by events like medication or injury, or even the onset of a cold snap. the body’s chemical reactions to deal with it. Insufficient stimulation can result in stress. Today, the biggest issue is stress from life and more specifically, psychological stress.

Reacting to stress

When the brain emits an alarms, immediately physiological responses like an increase in heart rate and blood vessels constriction and release of adrenaline make sure that the body is able to react to the event. If they last beyond the time necessary in order to “escape or knock out” the tiger can cause physical and mental tension, which is a sign of stress.


The severity that the body responds to stress is dependent on the signal that the brain sends in the endocrine glands, and therefore on the mental impression of the stimuli that is being considered and whether or not it is thought to be to be more or less hazardous and demanding, or limiting. For instance, a five-minute delay will not normally cause stressunless that you will get the train late or if your brain is imagining a catastrophic event which could be the case in the event that our childhood is conditioned us to become punctual. Insane expectations or negative attitudes can also cause stress issues.

In essence the simplest terms, stress is a response, both psychological and physiological of the body, to an event that demands adapting.

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