These are the best moments to eat your food for digestive health

A regular diet at certain intervals helps with digestion and prevents gas and bloating. It can also help prevent heartburn, stomach gas, or gas.

Timetables for better digestion

Timetables for better digestion

There are a variety of factors that can influence digestion like the quantity of food we consume and the rate at which we consume it or the type of food we consume. But, the time when we consume food can also play a role.

The majority of nutritionists recommend five meals daily. This can help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and will also help to maintain a good digestibility and metabolic.

In this regard it is recommended to eat three main meals (breakfast lunch, dinner and breakfast) as well as two meals in between (mid-morning or afternoon snacks). The time of the meals is crucial in digestion.

Ideal times for good digestion

In consideration of all the above, nutritionists suggest following a routine to help improve digestion. Additionally, following an established routine can improve different aspects of your health.

Schedules for better digestion

Schedules for better digestion

In order to lead a healthy and balanced life to lose weight or stay in good shape, it’s important eating five portions per day and adhere to a set timetable. This helps for example to ensure a steady level of satisfaction and to not eat snacks between meals.

Additionally, adhering to an appropriate meal plan helps to avoid a possible “bad” digestion and unpleasant symptoms, like heartburn, bloating or reflux.

Key times

Breakfast should be eaten prior to 10 o’clock a.m. and not longer than two hours after waking from a good night’s sleeping. Therefore, based on the time that we normally awake and eat breakfast, it should be eaten between 6:30 to 10:10 at the beginning of each day.

Then, when it is approximately 12 noon, it’s advised to have an early breakfast so that you don’t be hungry when you arrive at lunchtime. A bite of fruit like an orange or an apple is a good choice. They are still beneficial to digest.

Lunch is also among the most crucial foods of the day, which can affect digestion and other health functions. Experts believe that an early lunch could be a factor in weight gain.

Experts recommend eating your meals between the hours of 13:30-15:00 but not later. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s recommended to eat earlier.

Additionally, dinner must be consumed at least two hours prior to bedtime, since it is not advised to sleep with an empty stomach. In this respect it is advised to take a meal from 20:00 until 22:00 to ensure an efficient digestion.

Also, to ensure that you do not to eat too much and also to not arrive at this hour of the day with a heavy stomach It is essential to eat a snack mid-afternoon. The snack is usually taken between 17:00 and at 18:00 during the day.

Alongside the timing of the day, additional elements are important in proper digestion, for instance taking your food in a slow and steady manner to ensure that tiny pieces of it get into the stomach. This makes digesting food much easier.

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