What is postural hygiene?

Postural hygiene is the fundamental sequence of rules that ensures an appropriate and proper posture of the body while at either rest or during movement and to keep injuries at bay and protect the spine while performing the tasks that we do in our daily lives. In this manner, we reduce discomfort and lower the risk to virtually zero. Find out all you can about ergonomics in the house!

What are the benefits of postural hygiene? its advantages?

This is an aspect of occupational health, and it is more important than anything else to train individuals or workers to maintain a healthy posture while performing their tasks or just in day-to-day routine. There are numerous benefits to maintaining a healthy posture of which we could mention the following benefits:

It improves the strength of our muscles.

It helps ease tensions.

Avoids contractures.

Reduces back pain.

Optimizing our muscular work.

Improves muscle mobility.

How can postural hygiene be used? the field of physical education?

A set of rules and measures to be followed for an effective learning process in the execution of tasks or practices that require healthy posture. This will help avoid injuries while performing physical exercises. It also helps to build up the desired muscles.

How do I correct my postural posture?

The process of correcting your postural posture is simpler than you imagine, however we’ll give you some guidelines to ensure you’ve got an ideal postural health and prevent further injury to your spine. These can be described as follows:

Do not push yourself into unnatural postures.

In the limits of your options, control the table and chairs’ heights to ensure you’re neither either too high or too low.

Do not remain in one position for too long. Make sure to change it regularly and evenly distribute your weight.

The ideal posture is to keep the torso straight with the spine straight and shoulders slightly inwards.

When standing , it is important to maintain our weight evenly on the feet as straight as we can and not leaning backwards or forwards.

If we’re planning to lift weight, we need to be aware of the best way to do it. For this purpose, we should always maintain a straight back as well as bend the knees keeping our legs spread slightly.

What are the habits of postural posture?

We all know that not having proper postural hygiene may result in problems at the cervical level and lead to a variety of ailments and pain, but be assured that there is a solution and this is the reason you need to establish proper posture. We recommend a few:

While sitting in chairs, you must keep your back straight, and your lower back resting against the backrest. Your feet must be placed so that an angle is formed between your knees and hips.

While standing your spine should be straight and your shoulders should be parallel to your ears. Avoid the forward projection of your pelvis and your abdominal muscles towards the back.

If you are bent your knees, make sure you bend your knees but not your back.

When you stand for long periods make sure you have a stool close by to allow one leg to rest for a few seconds and then switch legs.

What is the risk of poor posture hygiene?

There are a variety of dangers posed by poor posture, and we’ll highlight the following:

Lower back discomfort

A localized pain at the back of your lower.

Pain in the neck and trapezius

It occurs whenever there’s an excessive amount of support in the region.

A bulging belly

It’s caused by bad posture, as abdominal muscles contract.

Muscle contractions

If muscles are stretched too much because of poor posture

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